First up? Much of the staff here are SolidLine Media has kids, and all of us have shot some kind of video with them.

Gizmodo posted a video from Vimeo user Brad Kremer, who just happened to have a $300,000 camera system laying around the house (hate when that happens!). He put all of these materials to good use…

Phantom Flex
Zeiss super speed glass
Canon 5DMKII
Canon L series glass
100 pack multi colored water balloons
Water hose
Wham-O Slip N Slide
15′ Trampoline with enclosure
Seedless Watermelon
Broom handle
Gaff tape

….and shot this video of a waterballoon party with the neighborhood kids. Here’s what summer fun looks like a 2564 frames per second in glorious 1080p. Well done….

A Phantom Flex Summer Story from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.

CNET has put Apple’s new iPhone 5 head-to-head with its Android-based counterpart the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Asking its experts to rank the phones in all kinds of categories, the iPhone comes out slightly ahead. And they managed to do it all in entertaining fashion. Take a look….

– A new app called MoviePass is officially getting a launch. The company charges users a monthly fee ($29.99) and allows them to see as many movies as they want, in any theater they want. Here’s more on how it works from the press release…

MoviePass is introducing an innovative geo-location based technology via their membership card, which acts like a debit card. The card is activated with the MoviePass iPhone App, released today; Android to follow. This technology allows members to securely use their subscription to go to any theater of their choice that accepts major credit cards.

How It Works:

CHECK-IN AT THEATER: Members use their MoviePass app to check-in at a theater of their choice and select a movie and showtime, which unlocks their MoviePass membership card, which acts as a reloadable debit card
PURCHASE TICKET: The member then retrieves their ticket for their desired movie by visiting the theater kiosk and using their MoviePass membership card, exactly how they would use their own credit card at the kiosk

“MoviePass recently completed nine-months of closed beta trials and saw members increase their movie theater attendance by as much as 64 percent and their concession sales by 123 percent,” said Hamet Watt, cofounder of MoviePass. “This should come as very exciting news to our industry as we look for new ways to engage with moviegoers.”

Right now MoviePass is in Beta and requires an invitation to join, you can sign up on the waiting list at Now if only they can come up with something for the conce$$ion stand. Here’s a video showing how MoviePass works…

MoviePass Trailer from MoviePass on Vimeo.

See a tech headline we’re missing? Let us know about it and we’ll add it to the list!

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