“This information is very important to the future of our school systems and educators,” states Peggie Garcia from Learning Point Associates. “SolidLine has done a great job for us effectively capturing the messages, and have also worked closely with our IT team to develop an online portal so that the content is available to educators around the country.”


SolidLine Media is currently in post-production on a series of educational video seminars for Learning Point Associates. Funded by the Dept. of Education, the productions educate teachers and administrators on how to excel in the classroom. The seven productions feature topics such as Data-Based Decision Making, Interpreting Test Score Trends & Gaps, Understanding Formative Assessment, and Evidence-based Practices. The videos were produced across the US, including Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, Grand Rapids, MI, and Notre Dame, IN.


SolidLine Media is a full service video production house located in the heart of downtown Chicago.  SolidLine focuses on the development of high end, engaging, and entertaining marketing, training, and educational video productions for audiences across the world.  Learn more at https://solidlinemedia.com/.


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