SLM: What are you looking forward to most this summer? Are you ever going to take a break!?
Greg Vass: I am looking forward to taking a break in June on a family vacation to Ft. Myers, FL. Will be great to wind down a bit after a very busy but great year so far, spending some time with family, and just relaxing on the beach. I am also excited for an upcoming mission trip Michael Kromm and I are embarking on in August in Albania. We are hosting a week long video production camp for students in Pogradec, Albania. I am looking forward to spending time with the students and sharing our production and storytelling processes. Should be a great experience!
SLM: Tell us about your recent hairstyle change and if the warm temps influenced your decision.
Michael Kromm: With warm weather in the forecast – dropping the topknot had to go. Back to the military crewcut!
SLM: How will you be keeping busy this summer?
Tracy Granzyk: I’m going to be working hard to sell Minute for Medicine. When not doing that, hopefully celebrating a Blackhawks 2nd Cup and Cubbies quest for a World Series!!!
SLM: You survived your first winter living on the boat! Tell us about it and how freaking happy you are now that it’s finally warm outside.
Kevin Wright: The idea that we can wake up in our home to a temperature above 50 degrees is awesome! Winter was a bit rough, but spring has made it all worthwhile.
SLM: Any fun travels/photography trips planned this summer, Ed Boe?
Ed Boe: Unfortunately, I don’t have anything really cool on the books, although if I get a spare week or two off and a windfall of cash, then I’ll be off to one of the following places… Capetown, South Africa, Pripyat, Ukraine, Sydney, Australia, or Hong Kong, China. I’m not holding my breath though.
SLM: On a scale of 0 to Sports, how excited are you for this summer?
John Courchane: I’m Giancarlo Stanton over right field at Dodger Stadium excited. Thats somewhere between Corey Crawford 2013 Stanley Cup Parade excited and Ron Hunter After Beating Baylor excited.
SLM: How do you plan on getting some R&R this summer?
Adam Marzec: Going up to Michigan, enjoy some boating, adult sodas, and leaving the cell phone in the car for the weekends.
SLM: Any new movie releases you’re looking forward to this summer?
Mike Petrik: Movie releases? Obviously you completely missed the fact that I have children, which means I don’t get to go to the movies, or even pay attention to what movies are coming out. However, if they re-released Independence Day in the theaters for some sort of 19th anniversary or something, I’d totally go see that.
SLM: What’s the first thing you’re going to do after you move to your new apartment?
Ali Miller: My fish, Gilbert Renaldo, and I are thinking about taking an extended vacation to a tropical island where we can dance and play freely like no one’s watching.
SLM: You were here as an SIUC Extern a couple months ago, why the heck would you come back to SolidLine this summer!?
Re’Nesha Donson: I came back for the people & to gain more experience. Since Ali is the only woman here with me, SLM is one girl closer to being female dominant! [Editor’s Note: GIRL POWER!!!]
SLM: What are you looking forward to the most during your summer internship?
Greg Cormier: I am mostly looking forward to meeting the SolidLine team and being able to have some great opportunities to learn! Another major bonus is being able to travel around the U.S. and live in an amazing city, Chicago!

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