My real name is Joey Schiappa and I am SolidLine’s intern for summer 2014. I should start off by saying that I’ve already had more hands on experience in my first two weeks than what I thought I’d get the entire summer. I’m talking real work, on real jobs, with real responsibilities – not just some side project that was assigned to keep me busy. It’s an amazing feeling to be treated as a real member of the SolidLine team.

summer internSpeaking of the team, we’ve already flown out to Orlando and Nashville where I was lucky enough to work as a camera operator! How many interns can say that?
I particularly enjoy hanging out with Director of Photography Ed Boe and Producer Kevin Wright. Between watching them coordinate a production with contractors from around the globe, to constantly shipping gear and making rental arrangements, these two guys have me convinced that SolidLine is actually in the logistics business. On top of their ability to make jokes in any (and every) situation, Kevin and Ed have also been great about answering my questions and offering production advice.
One of the best parts about SolidLine is that they’ve pushed me to finally make the switch over to Avid editing software- I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time now, and I could not ask for a better group of people –or facility– to teach me the ropes. Anyone who works in video production knows that the editor can make or break a final product, and the post-production team at SolidLine has been great about allowing me to learn while working on real assignments.above the space
Overall, the entire staff here has done an incredible job making me feel welcome, and have each contributed to making my internship better than I could have ever imagined. There are so many more great things to say about my experiences and the people who make them happen, but unfortunately 😉 we’re getting ready to leave for a week-long shoot in Colorado!
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