singingBeing a junior, it is pretty much expected that you do an internship, however, I wanted to be able to get a taste of the video production field before I fully committed to an internship. Luckily, I was very fortunate that SolidLine Media wanted me as an extern. I was super stoked as SolidLine was my first choice of externship out of the others that I had been offered. Although I was nervous about the chaos that is Chicago, I am really happy that I took the plunge and chose to extern at SolidLine. On my first day, I was immediately welcomed with some very talented, nice, laidback, and funny people.

Since my blog is about the second half of my week at SolidLine, I will start by talking about what happened after the Cupcake Competition. After a quick day of filming the cupcake competition, it was time to prepare for the Extern editing challenge. Since neither my fellow extern, Patricia, nor myself had ever used AVID editing software, we spent most of Tuesday learning the software and subcliping the footage from the Cupcake Competition. Wednesday was spent editing my own version of the Cupcake Challenge with the occasional help of my fellow extern.

Thursday I screened a rough cut of my edit to Allison Miller, John Courchane, and Adam Marzec. From that point it was time to get down to business on putting the final touches on my edit. I spent the majority of Thursday learning the process of making graphics and creating graphics for my edit with the use of the creative stylings of Adam Marzec.

Intern day 1I would definitely say my knowledge of video production has grown significantly in my short time here. In my short week at SolidLine I have learned how to create an effective interview setup with the help of Ed Boe, I have learned an entirely new software program, and learned about making graphics. Ultimately, I have used all of this knowledge to create a project that I am really proud of.

Now, Patricia and I await whose edit will win the editing challenge.

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