Next year will mark the one-hundred and tenth anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight and incidentally the twenty third anniversary of my birth. It had been my intention to become the first person, to the best of my knowledge, to sky dive their first time in flight; but alas that was broken this day July 18, 2012 as I flew with two other members of the SolidLine crew out of Chicago to Miami. As we flew past North Carolina, the place where Orville Wright first took to the skies, I could hear his faint laughter filled with distain for the unceremonious nature of my first time inside an airplane.

Truth be told, it had become a bit of an anomaly and increasingly so, one of the stranger facts of my existence thus far. The takeoff and landing went off without event and even the couple of six or seven year olds sitting near us casually remained focused whatever menial activity had been occupying them as my eyes remained fixated outside the window for both.
As with any first experience there is some degree of excitement associated with it and its completion. Just as this was the case with my flight has it also been with my internship in general which facilitated my doing it. This trip is just another first to add to the already extensive list of such experiences in my time here at SolidLine so far and each of them has been a learning experience. And while it did squander my bid to enter the ranks of Orville and his brother Wilbur, it was a valuable – albeit way past due – experience.

Also, it will be nice to avoid those situations that when I had to tell people I’ve never flown and they say, “Surely you can’t be serious,” I no longer need reply, “Yes, I am serious and stop calling me Shirley.”

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