While it’s true, a lot of the information we digest can be trivial, this is part of what I enjoy about working with SolidLine. With journalism at my core, I have an inherent curiosity about nearly everything and how it works. There are few subjects that can be considered too dull. There is something interesting about everything if you look closely enough and, though hopefully we’re not contracted to produce a video based on the grandeur of watching your grass grow or the perils of letting your paint dry, that is something that will continue to be accomplished here.

All in all it was a good shoot and in the end, let’s be honest, a location where multimillion-dollar vehicles lift off the ground at over a hundred miles an hour isn’t the most boring environment I can imagine. In fact, the campsite we stayed at when we were done shooting for the day, which I think may have doubled as a hard candy enthusiast’s convention center, was in my opinion far less interesting. Again, this was likely a failure on my part to simply look close enough. I bet everyone was at the clubhouse and Alex Trebek was hosting bingo night.

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