It was a scene where you would have half expected to see the likes of Bill Monroe or Allison Krause and though there was a banjo present it wasn’t dueling but rather picking harmoniously with an electric piano, three-piece drum set, and an early 20th century bass. What ensued left the halls of SolidLine ringing with the sounds Johann Sebastian Bach mused with the finest bluegrass this side of the Mason Dixon Line. That day, as we filmed the guys who had recorded the track for our AGD promotional video played live in our studio, I manned a second camera capturing every note of its process to be documented in a “Behind the SolidLine” video I edited and will be available for viewing sometime in the near future. While these tones, which persisted in my head for some time, were welcomed, the prolonged consequence as a result of another task was something else entirely.

As I sat on my couch crippled by the unprecedented pain in my teeth, I thought back to earlier in the day. “What have I done to cause this,” I thought to myself. Had I forgotten to brush my teeth? Did I have one too many cups of coffee that day? Or perhaps it was the pint of chocolate ice cream that I had eaten in a matter of minutes without the use of my hands just hours earlier. I decided the latter to be the most likely scenario. In honor of “National Chocolate Ice Cream Day” fellow intern Dylan and I faced off in an ice cream eating challenge. While it was a swift victory the assist must go to skateboarding for providing my opponent with a chipped tooth just days before the competition. After all, as the saying goes, at the end of the day everyone’s a winner, except my dental hygiene.

While the boundaries of consuming frozen dairy had been put to the test, so too have been the limits of monotony via YouTube. In the past few days your humble author, along with the rest of the crew, has been at the mercy of numerous videos, each not to be outdone by the last, testing the breaking point of the human psyche. Thanks to the pager on our phone system, nowhere is safe. Investigate should you see fit, this revelation, and a trend that simply could not go without mention.
Everything else has been relatively painless and remaining busy has proven not to be difficult. Also, the creation of SLM Crew Bios is a project in its infancy and is one I’ll be working on for weeks to come. Stay tuned.

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