At the request of Kevin Wright, a producer here at SolidLine, I left my desk and followed him into the hallway. Never in the brief time that we’d been acquainted had I ever witnessed, nor did I ever expect to see, him walking at such a brisk pace. As I followed I began to wonder if something was seriously wrong and whether I should share his sense of urgency. My confusion persisted until I reached the atrium, long after Kevin had, finding all the members of the SolidLine team waiting. As they began to sing “Happy Birthday” I was given a box containing a baseball decorated cookie cake so large that my beloved Chicago Cubs may have even managed a hit or two off it given the opportunity. It was my third day at the office.

Now a year removed from graduating with a degree in Journalism from Michigan State, my first full week as summer intern here has been decidedly docile. Aside from learning how to assemble the studio, shoot and edit with our equipment, some “NATO” thing, and composing my inaugural blog post, there has really only been; familiarizing myself with the office’s etiquette, navigating around a giant cardboard box that seems to keep finding its way to the middle of the office’s high traffic areas, and growing accustomed to the numerous other nuances that are now the basis of my existence every day between the hours of 8 and 5. Also I would be remiss not to mention the good people of “Continental Tire” who were in our studio for two days shooting a narrative that allowed for me to master the teleprompter. Not to worry though I’m confident that things will pick up soon.

I look forward to learning and experiencing as much as the active ten percent of my brain can handle in the weeks to come as well as sharing it all here. It is truly a unique environment with an equally unique penchant for the work done there and is something I will do my best to emulate through this blog. In a very short period of time I’ve come to realize that there will be many days similar to the one my birthday just so happen to land on. It won’t be every day that there is a prodigious cookie with my name on it for everyone to share but it’s already evident there will continually be the collaboration of work and ideas to at least match it.

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