It turned out that the “undisclosed location” was actually right smack dab in the middle of Downtown Chicago on Wacker Drive, so the photo and film shoot was hardly top-secret, but totally worth it.

The crew spent a couple of hours wearing Ghostbuster’s uniforms and posing alongside the famous Ecto-1 car as the Twittersphere lit up with “Chicago Ghostbuster sightings.” Meanwhile, hopeful onlookers mistook the crews shenanigans as a sign for a Ghostbusters sequel. Sorry guys, it was just the SolidLine Media gang and another of their epic holiday cards.

So, what’s it like to be a Ghostbuster?

Director of Post Production, Michael Kromm, summed it up very concisely when he said: “It was really neat.”

But for those of us who would prefer more details on the experience, here are some words from other SolidLine team members:

“Being a part of the holiday card photo shoot/filming was super awesome,” says Production Coordinator, Allison Miller, “I’m accepting the fact that the void will never be filled again…unless I become a professional Ghostbuster. Wish me luck!”

The cold seems to be the most memorable part of the day for John Courchane, Editor, who vows, “I’m willing to bear the elements with nothing but my love and dedication to SolidLine to keep me warm…That, and a paper-thin Ghostbusters uniform.”

Our Art Director, Mike Petrik, seems to remember the day a little differently. “I got to stand comfortably in my winter coat, hat, and gloves and sip my hot coffee while everyone else shivered. It was hilarious.” Petrik, who appears in the card as Slimer and not a Ghostbuster, got to shoot all of his pictures in the nice, heated SolidLine Studio.

Executive Producer, Greg Vass tackled the logistics of the shoot planning and acquisiton of the Ecto-1 car, props and uniforms. He says that, ultimately “projects

like the Ghostbusters card remind [him] of how unique it is to be able to do what we do everyday.” He adds that it was a lot of fun to shoot, “and even more fun to watch Petrik work his magic and put it together.”

There you have it. SolidLine Media: Producing Smart Videos and Busting Some Ghosts.

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