Media Contact:
Greg Vass, Executive Producer
SolidLine Media

The SolidLine Art Department is busy creating three spots for Nutri-Vet, a leading provider of quality animal supplements. The spots will be available to view via QR codes on product labels and on signage in the aisles at pet stores nationwide. The productions will also be available to view on the Nutri-Vet website and social media channels. The spots feature a custom designed 3d animated character, a dog named Dr. Wellington. The good doctor will educate consumers on the benefits of their products, and add a fun and entertaining element to the Nutri-Vet brand.

“The creativity SolidLine has bought to the table so far has been wonderful,” exclaims Dr. Phil Brown, Nutri-Vet Sr. VP of Marketing and Regulatory Affairs. “Our new spots will educate consumers, which is our goal, but will also be fun to watch. And that’s the key to getting the message through.”

The SolidLine produced Nutri-Vet spots will be showing up in pet stores across the US later this year.

ABOUT SOLIDLINE:  SolidLine Media is a full service video production house located in the heart of downtown Chicago. SolidLine focuses on the development of high end, engaging, and entertaining marketing, training, and educational video productions for audiences across the world.

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