“A great deal of planning always goes into a shoot such as this,” exclaims SolidLine Executive Producer Greg Vass. “We were glad to see the day panning out the way it did from a weather point of view, and from there it was all on us to capture the best, most engaging footage possible from the air. And I think we did just that.”

April 4, 2011. San Francisco. Blue skies, no wind and a temperature of 70 degrees. The situation from the ground was looking good for the upcoming aerial shoot over San Francisco. The mission was to capture a series of dramatic, high end shots of the APL Holland, a large container ship, arriving to the Port of Oakland. Once the Cineflex camera was mounted on the helicopter and all necessary safety checks were complete, the SolidLine crew was airborne for the 3 hour shoot. Timing was everything as the crew had to arrive over the ship in time to film open sea shots before the ship made it to the Golden Gate Bridge, all while managing the three hours of fuel. Filming of the APL Holland started from ten miles out at sea. The helicopter then followed the ship through the Golden Gate Bridge, past Alcatraz and San Francisco, to the Bay Bridge and into port.

Check out a short reel of the areal shoot here.


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