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Greg Vass, Executive Producer
SolidLine Media
SolidLine Media produces many different types of videos, all are enjoyable to work on, but some touch our heartstrings in a unique way. This year SolidLine had the opportunity to work with one of the prominent organizations in the LGBTQ community. The goal was to produce a training video to help middle school and high school students build skills to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth. When The Trevor Project approached SolidLine, we were excited for the opportunity, and through a great collaboration we came together to produce a compelling and successful production. The video transitions The Trevor Project’s best practice suicide prevention training to a format that any teacher anywhere in the country can access and use.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the SolidLine team. They were great collaborators and understood the importance of our project. Using our research and focus groups, they cast two talented and ‘spot on’ actors that captured the perfected tone and manner for our video,” states Nathan Belyeu, Senior Education Manager at The Trevor Project. “They brought incredible in-house resources to the table and were able to work quickly and efficiently. Throughout the project, they always displayed a commitment to creating an excellent product.”

Watch the trailer and learn more about The Trevor Project here.
SolidLine Media was honored to work with The Trevor Project and hope the work we did together helps to save lives!

ABOUT SOLIDLINE:  SolidLine Media is a full service video production house located in the heart of downtown Chicago. SolidLine focuses on the development of high end, engaging, and entertaining marketing, training, and educational video productions for audiences across the world.

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