Edit 1--The Client Suite

Edit1-300x225As our roomiest suite, Edit 1 is ideal for client editing. Client’s come for their project, but stay for the views; this suite is in the loft portion of our space and boasts vaulted ceilings and second story windows to show off a spectacular view of the Chicago skyline.

Courchane describes it as his parent’s living room on Christmas Eve. “You can go in there,” he says, “but you’d better not mess anything up because company is coming over later.”

To Kromm it can be “the most appealing and and least appealing edit suite to work in” out of the three. Pro: the privacy and quiet of being on your own level. Con: it’s far from the Art Department, which makes it more difficult to collaborate with them when necessary.

The Gear:

  • Avid Media Composer 6.0
  • MacPro system
  • Avid Artist Mix
  • Sony 22″ color correction monitor
  • Yamaha monitor speakers
  • 50-inch wall mounted client monitor
  • 7 person U-shaped leather couch
  • Do stunning views count as gear?

Edit 2--Courchane's Choice

Edit2-1024x768Perhaps it’s the fun toys or perhaps it’s the amazingly comfy couch, but it’s hard to get our Editor, John Courchane, out of Edit 2. Frankly, Courchane isn’t hiding the fact that it is his preferred edit space.

Edit 2 has the benefit of being located directly next door to SolidLine’s Art Department, making communication and collaboration at any moment easy. Also, Edit 2 has SLM’s new toys: Avid Symphony and a new Sony color correcting monitor, both of which empower the team with more control over the detail and color composition of our productions. Lastly, Edit 2 has a comfy couch and push chair which allows up to 3 people to have a more intimate editing experience. “It’s a great place for a producer and client to spend the day and hash out a sequence,” explains Kromm.

The Gear:

  • Avid Symphony
  • MacPro system
  • Sony Trimaster EL color correction monitor
  • Yamaha monitor speakers
  • 40-inch wall mounted client monitor

Edit 3--The Encoding Suite

Edit3-300x225In addition to having a very private and cozy editing suite, Edit 3 is where all of our encoding happens. “Encoding is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of post production,” states Courchane, “but one of the most important.” In a nutshell, encoding is the processes of turning one type of file into another. The Digital Rapids encoding system we have set up allows us to create a wide range of file types and qualities, all in real time.

So, whether your production is going to be broadcast on HD television or uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, or both, all of these options have different specifications and our real-time encoding suite allows us to make the proper adjustments on the fly and get you the file-types you need.

The Gear:

  • Avid Media Composer 6.0
  • MacPro system
  • Digital Rapids encoding system
  • Yamaha monitor speakers

Bonus Suite--Edit 4/On-Location Suite

Edit4_OnlocationEditingThe SolidLine crew is always on the move, so it is no wonder that we have an additional mobile suite that allows us to edit on-location anywhere in the world. “Some projects demand the story to be told the same day,” explains Kromm, “and this allows us to be portable and on-the-go.”

Because of today’s advanced technology, SolidLine can pack a mobile suite into a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display and 16gb of RAM and flash memory, instead of toting around the bulky equipment of an entire edit suite. This portable system touts an Avid Media Composer version 6.5.

All three in-house suites are online and connected to our Avid Unity Media Server, allowing us to access and share media across the suites and literally work on the same project and sequence at the same time in three different suites. “Changed my life!” says Kromm. We’ll learn more about the Unity and the power of its storage capabilities in an upcoming blog.

A good edit is everything, and, to an editor, a good edit suite is even more. At SolidLine, we’re pretty proud of our set-up.

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