1. Google Project Glass–Editor John Courchane has his eyes on Google’s Project Glass. “I wasn’t very impressed with them at Google’s IO event, they came off as a glorified camera,” says Courchane “but I think the project has a lot of potential.” For Courchane the appeal of Project Glass is the opportunity for discovery especially regarding his surroundings as he travels throughout the day. “Now if only people actually used Google+,” Courchane added, slightly defeated.
  2. Tablets–Ali Miller, Production Coordinator, plans on hopping on the tablet-wagon. She doesn’t know which one she wants, specifically, but looks forward to blending in with the city folk and using it to read during her commute. As long as she doesn’t try to use it as a camera or become one of those people with their nose buried in a tablet while walking down the street, a tablet will prove a very useful gadget.
  3. Puzzlebox Orbit–One of our interns, Ryan Nice, is thinking big. Well, mostly he’s thinking about thinking. The Puzzlebox Orbit is a brain-controlled helicopter. Not a remote-controlled helicopter; a BRAIN-CONTROLLED HELICOPTER. Toys have come a long way since I was a kid. Needless to say, the project’s Kickstarter campaign raised more than enough of their goal.
  4. Thermapen–Michael Kromm thought a bit smaller. Small, but handy. The new splash-proof, super-fast Thermapen is incredibly accurate, fast and user friendly. It was originally designed for commercial kitchens, labs and manufacturing plants but we’re sure that SoldiLine’s Director of Post Production would put it to work in his own kitchen.
  5. LaCie CloudBox–As per the usual, intern Broc Pachesa has his head in the clouds. He could really go for LaCie’s CloudBox. “I’m always running out of storageIt would be nice to have one thing that could store all my media, and I could access it anywhere via the internet.” Not a bad choice, Broc, everyone could use a nice slice of the cloud. Broc also recommends Yo-Yos, they are a real hoot.

As is typical with the SolidLine Crew, every conversation comes with a splash of, shall we say, personality. Our gadget-talk was no exception. Here are SolidLine’s less than helpful gadget suggestions:

  1. Nintendo Virtual Boy–Adam Marzec still has hope that Virtual Boy, discontinued in 1996 after one year on the market, will make a come back. “The feel of night vision goggles and an awesome stand should be great for sniper games like Duck Hunt,” he says.
  2. Sony SLV N51 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR–Trust our Art Director, Mike Petrik, on this one. You can record all of your favorite TV shows and keep them forever on a VHS tape [stocking stuffer]. And it comes with a remote!
  3. Hoverboard–Kevin Wright can’t wait until these bad boys are a standard form of travel. “I have it on good authority that by 2015 you will be able to ride at least short distances over water while being chased by Biff through the town square.”
  4. Ghostbusters Ghost Trap–A great suggestion from Greg Vass and, as he put it, a “must-have for everyone that has an infestation problem.”

So there you have it: SolidLine Media’s 2012 Gadget-Gift Guide. Better get shopping!

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