The battle wages forth for another SolidLine Media Intern Editing Challenge. For this fall’s challenge, interns Ryan Nice and Broc Pachesa have been charged with the task of editing footage from SolidLine’s super secret photo shoot.

The photo shoot took place early last week at an undisclosed location in the middle of downtown Chicago. It garnered lots of interest from witnesses who unknowingly posted sightings of the SolidLine team and not the famous team they thought they were seeing. The shoot was for SolidLine Media’s 2013 New Year’s Card.

The video footage from the shoot is being edited by the interns and is due to preview January 7th, 2013.

Meet the Competitors:

In one corner: Broc “The Destroyer” Pachesa 

On the challenge: “It’s a cool idea. It shows off our individual skills and what two people can do with the same footage. It also gives us a real-time deadline so there’s that additional pressure. I would tell you more but it’s about our secret photo shoot that I’m not allowed to talk about.” 

And in the other: Ryan “Patient but Deadly” Nice
On his “inevitable” victory: “I could not hope to fully express in words how winning this competition feels right now. It is truly quite an honour (I spelled it with a ‘u’, hah!) to be the recipient of such notable recognition. I would like to thank all of SolidLine Media for this award, and especially young Broc Pachesa for his valiant efforts in the face of certain demise. I wish him well, and will keep him in my thoughts as he suffers through the torment of Mr. Submarine. Thank you, and God bless America.
Wait, I haven’t won yet?! You mean, this isn’t acceptance speech time? Oh well. All in due time.”


1. Create a video using the same footage from our shoot, and the post-shoot interviews conducted 12/17
2. Video must be less than 3 minutes in length
3. Each intern will have his own sequence, subclip, music, & graphics bins
4. NO peeking on your opponent’s project
5. Two days in editing suite per intern
6. You may utilize ONE motion graphics artist for two hours
7. Must be tasteful. [A necessary disclaimer]
8. No copyrighted music because, well, law

The winner will be rewarded for their talents and efforts with an amazing trophy while the loser will be forced to eat Mr. Sub…and also his self-respect.

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