Every year the Arts Infusion Initiative organizes a Creative Career Day for Cook County JTDC and seeks out professionals in the creative industries to present to the inmates. The Initiative aims to expose, inspire and connect young people in the Cook County JDTC to arts activities that help them strengthen future orientation, critical response and career readiness. Invited artists for Creative Career Day include a variety of actors, singers, architects, photographers, graphic artists, poets, designers, filmmakers and so on. In the four years since Creative Career Day’s inception, the guest list has moved toward a focus on careers in the performing arts, back-of-the-house and behind the scenes roles and creative industries.

This year, SolidLine Media was invited and we’re proud to represent a facet of the film and video production industry and present to a crowd of curious untapped creatives.

So, what are the SolidLine gents presenting?

Vass, SolidLine’s Executive Producer, will present practical tips related to career readiness and landing a job from the Producer point of view. He will also then delve into an exploration of expected concept development, script writing, style boards, visual scripts and all other pre-production skills.

Kromm, SolidLine Media’s Director of Post Production, will teach an Avid editing demonstration. He will reconstruct a video and discuss the art of post production and how everything gets finished, finalized and shared with the audience.

At SolidLine Media we are always looking to collaborate with clients and creatives from all industry backgrounds and walks of life. We believe that everyone deserves a unique and powerful voice in the creative world and especially in a creative form such as video production. We hope that by volunteering our time at Cook County this afternoon we can inspire new creatives to make their voices and visions heard.

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