We caught up with ProductionHub’s Marketing Director Katrina Diamond and asked her a few questions about the Pro100 List.

SLM: In your own words, what is ProductionHUB and why do so many people take advantage of becoming a member?
KD: ProductionHUB connects businesses with professional content creators to make their projects come to life – from production companies, post houses, and equipment vendors to crew, freelancers & everything in between. We keep the industry busy with work! As long as production companies and freelancers continue to get new clients from our site, I’m positive we will continue to see our member base flourish.

SLM: This is the first annual Pro100 List. What was the motivation behind creating it?
KD: Honestly, we wanted to shine a little extra spotlight on the members who use us the best ways possible – showing off their work, sharing their profile, displaying recommendations…basically, making us look good to the future employers and clients using us to find production services. =)

SLM: What do you suggest folks do to get on the Pro100 list?
KD: This list of tips sums it up best. But like anything, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Sometimes simply tweaking a category or replacing an old reel makes the difference between a stale page and a robust profile that consistently gets hired from our site. Make sure you are staying in communication with your ProHUB contact to best boost your business and stay up to date on all marketing opportunities.

There you have it, folks! Make sure you take a look at the full Pro100 list and our profile on ProductionHub.

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