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Greg Vass, Executive Producer
SolidLine Media
Imagine a fun, Candyland style tour of the video production process that guides you all the way from the first steps of pre-production to the final steps of post. Now, thanks to SolidLine Media, that world exists… and we call it ProductionLand! We realized the process page on our site doesn’t exactly convey the excitement of the production stuff we do all day, so we went back to the drawing board to create a vibrant infographic representing our steps of approval. SLM Art Director, Mike Petrik was given the challenge of developing a board game themed production process visual, and he definitely nailed the fun and creativity we were looking for!

“I had a blast creating the infographic!” exclaims Petrik. “Visuals add to any sort of presentation, so having something fun like a boardgame should keep people entertained when it comes to the process talk. It’s important that our clients understand our production process, that way, everything stays on schedule… Plus, who doesn’t love board games?”

Take a look at our new production process infographic by clicking the link below:
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