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Greg Vass, Executive Producer
SolidLine Media
We are excited to announce the latest addition to the SolidLine crew: Director of Sales and Marketing, Matt Kudla. Matt came on board to help with business development efforts which includes creating new sales strategies, establishing relationships with new clients, and overseeing partnerships. His passion for sales and marketing is hard to beat, and he’s fitting right in with the rest of the crew! We are excited to have him on board and be a part of all the new opportunities he creates for SolidLine.

“I was immediately drawn to SolidLine because of the phenomenal work that is done here everyday,” Matt says. “By introducing a business development strategy that plays off of our strengths, we are going to be able to accelerate the growth of our company, while freeing up the production staff to focus entirely on delivering more great work for our clients. This is going to be a very exciting time for all of us! I’m also really looking forward to dominating the chili cook off and taking the trophy from John.”

If you’d like to talk to Matt about producing a video with SolidLine, shoot him an email at
ABOUT SOLIDLINE:  SolidLine Media is a full service video production house located in the heart of downtown Chicago. SolidLine focuses on the development of high end, engaging, and entertaining marketing, training, and educational video productions for audiences across the world.

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