For the second year in a row the SLM crew traveled to remote Telluride, CO to continue our efforts with Drs. Dave Mayer and Tim McDonald as they spearhead change and reform in the medical community around patient safety. The week long summit in late June featured medical students and patient safety leaders from around the world discussing informed consent, open communication, and transparency in effort to foster a culture of change in how medical harm and error are handled by hospitals and medical systems. The SolidLine crew was there to capture the roundtable discussions and interview leaders about patient safety for upcoming productions.

Bringing the SolidLine Crew to Telluride in 2011 was the best investment we ever made,” states Transparent Health Co-Founder Dr. Dave Mayer. “The short film SolidLine created on our Patient Safety Roundtable raised international awareness on the work we do in Colorado literally over-night. It opened our minds to what is possible through film. Having them come back again this year for the 2012 Roundtable was a no-brainer. As they say, a picture (or in this case a movie) tells a thousand words.”

For more information on Transparent Health, check out our blog on Telluride & the Transparent Health website!

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