All of this got us talking about our favorite concert experiences. In some ways, music has helped shape all of our creative genes. Here are some memories from the SolidLine Media crew…

John Courchrane – Editor

I saw a heavy metal super group consisting of members of Mudvayne, Nothingface, Pantera and Damageplan at Summerfest back in 2007. I had just graduated high school. My friends and I went down and spent the day walking around the festival, capping it off with the high energy show. I’m really not a metal head, but it was still pretty sweet.

Greg Vass – Executive Producer

It’s a toss up between Billy Joel & Elton John, Garth Brooks, or the many trips I’ve made to Alpine Valley to see Jimmy Buffett.

I think Buffett was always the most fun, but Joel/John probably wins in my book because I’m a huge fan of dueling pianos, and it doesn’t get any better than those two when it comes to that.

It was also pretty great to meet ZZ Top at a Mexican restaurant in Houston with Ed Boe.

Ed Boe – Director of Photography

Faith No More. They were my favorite band at the time and it was their last tour in the United States. I just made it to see them, and they were amazing.

Allison Miller – Production Coordinator

In our first year of college, a group of friends and me drove 7 hours to Omaha, Nebraska, where Matisyahu & 311 put on a spectacular show. It was at an amphitheater and definitely the coolest concert venue I’ve been to. Plus, 311’s hometown is Omaha so they rocked it until the wee hours of the night!

 Kevin Wright – Producer

I would say Playboy Jazz Fest at the Hollywood Bowl in 2004. That’s the first time I saw Femi Kuti and joined a 2,000 person conga line throughout the stands. That was a great concert!

 Mike Petrik – Art Director

That’s a tough question. There have been so many. I would narrow it down to two bands – Andrew W.K. and The Flaming Lips. Both bands involve the audience and get you so excited to be there, that the whole time I’m just amazed at what I’m looking at, and talk about the show for weeks after.

I just saw AWK in the spring and I still talk about how amazing it was. I’ve seen both of these bands numerous times, and I will continue to do so until they are no longer performing.

Marcus Leshock – Writer / Social Media

There have been so many, but seeing that this is about Lollapalooza, I have to say the Daft Punk show from 2007 is one of my favorite concert moments – especially from a production perspective. It was unbelievable how they were able to transform that stage, just an hour after another band had already performed on it. The video quality of this clip isn’t great, but you’ll get the idea…

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