SLM: So, what do you do out in Northwest Indiana?

Maggie Guillen: I’m an administrative assistant at a utility company – been there for 32 years. Been in Northwest Indiana my entire life.

SLM: Your top three movies – GO!

MG: It’s A Wonderful Life, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Gia.

SLM: How about music? Have a favorite artist?

MG: Madonna, Carrie Underwood, Michael Jackson.

SLM: How did you find out about SolidLine Media?

MG: I found the page through my daughter Lisa.

SLM: What kind of content do you want to see on our page? Anything we can work up for you? You are our 500th fan, after all.

MG: I look for free things, lol! I like discounts, restaurant reviews.

SLM: Hmmmm. We’ll have to work on that. For now, what do you plan to do with those coasters?

MG: Probably put my red solo cup with a strong drink on them!

Again, big thanks to Maggie and all of our fans on Facebook, Twitter, and the blog. We appreciate all of your support. Who knows what we’ll do when we reach 1,000?

You’ll want to be there to find out!

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