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Ten years ago the Midtown Athletic Club in Palatine, IL decided to host a 5K run to benefit Bears Care, an organization committed to improving the quality of life for people in the Chicagoland community. They came to us at SolidLine Media in the hopes of acquiring our sponsorship. We’re proud to say that this September we sponsored the Midtown Athletic Club Fitness 5K for the tenth time, and we sent a camera crew to document the inspiring event SolidLine-style. The video we cut together will be sent to fellow sponsors, and the footage will also be displayed on the Jumbotron at Soldier Field during upcoming Bears games.

“It has been great to have SolidLine as a sponsor of our 5K for ten years in a row,” states Midtown Director of Marketing Robyn Kove. “We’re excited to have raised over $200,000 in the last decade for Bears Care to help those in need in the Chicago community. Thanks SolidLine!”

The Midtown 5K proceeds go to Chicagoans, especially disadvantaged children and their families, youth athletics, and medical research and awareness programs focusing on breast and ovarian cancer.
CLICK HERE: Watch the SLM-produced video about the 5K and read an interview with Midtown’s Robyn Kove.
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