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These professional video production services are designed to keep you connected with your colleagues, employees, and customers. Take a look at our promotional video which highlights our latest services: SolidLive and Minute Messages.

What is


The SolidLive platform is perfect for one-on-one interviews, expert panels, presentations, and more. SolidLive allows users to combine multiple sources of video with motion graphics and studio production tools to stream high-quality live or pre-recorded content.

  • Virtual Events and Webinars: Although there are no physical booths, virtual events have recorded higher participation figures than their physical counterparts. Your team can generate leads, allow attendees to network, and reduce expenses.
  • Expert Panels: Host a virtual event that allows experts from different fields to discuss key issues and share their knowledge.
  • One-on-One Interviews: Interview a celebrity or someone who is a content expert in a certain field. Conducting remote one-on-one interviews is a smart way to get the job done.
  • Roundtables: Roundtable discussions are common in conferences and corporate events. All of your virtual event attendees can discuss problems and solutions that your brand is trying to address.
  • Presentations: SolidLine Media can help bring your virtual presentations to life and make them appealing and interesting for all target audiences.
  • Product/Service Demos: Launching a product or service that involves a lot of moving parts? Show your audience how everything works by doing a live demonstration.
What are

Minute Messages?

Minute Messages are an affordable video production solution that helps business owners create quality short videos for their customers and employees.

Today, consumers have shorter attention spans and you need to create good content that captures their attention. Brief videos can help boost the number of people who actually watch your whole video. At SolidLine Media, our Minute Messages service has helped a wide variety of businesses create short videos that have high retention rates.


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