Communicate Over the Airwaves

Television commercials are a popular option for companies who want to get their message out quickly and efficiently. Mostly informational in nature, TV commercials aim to promote a product or service and establish a connection with the target market.

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High-Quality TV Commercial Videos

As TV commercials can reach a wide audience, most businesses today consider them a worthy investment. By increasing brand awareness and loyalty, these videos typically contain a call-to-action (CTA) to lock in conversions.

Compared to online video marketing, which is increasingly showing only the most relevant ads to consumers, TV commercials are broadcasted to the widest possible audience.


Best Practices For TV Commercial Videos

Below are some best practices to make use of when filming TV commercial videos:

Understand Your Target Market

Understand your target market and direct your message at them. Unlike online marketing, which only shows your ads to members of your targeted demographic…

The Shorter The Better

Avoid trying to fit too much into one video. TV commercials are meant to be short, lasting from a few seconds up to two minutes and most times the shorter...

Avoid Being Too Formal

Convey your brand’s message in a fun and engaging way. Avoid being too formal to achieve your target audience identifying with your brand. Scouting for the most suitable location and...


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Are you looking for TV commercial production services to promote a newly launched product or service? Maybe your goal is simply to increase brand awareness or inspire a CTA. When you hire our TV commercial video production crew the end product will be completely in tune with your brand image, thanks to our 9 stages of client approval.

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Your feedback and comments will be heavily solicited throughout each stage of the production process, and your approval is required before we proceed to each next stage.

At SolidLine Media, all of our crew members who have been working with each other for years. We aim to be completely transparent with our pricing and provide all-inclusive budgets with no hidden surprises. Most importantly, we treat deadlines as sacred, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your video will always be delivered on-time when you engage our services.


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