What are Social and
Web Videos?

Social and web videos are produced to market your product or service. Although they do not have to be strictly promotional, they are usually linked to your brand in some way.

For instance, a business that sells fitness products may produce a video titled, “10 Best Ways to Keep Fit at Home” while mentioning the use of their product as one. Informational videos and instructional videos that provide a solution to a problem your viewer is experiencing are popular as well.


High-Quality Social
And Web Videos

Video marketing is one of the most lucrative forms of content marketing today. By placing your videos where your viewers are – Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube – the content can be found effortlessly.

Many consumers do their own research before making purchases, and by having useful social and web videos, you are essentially providing an answer to a question. This guidance makes viewers feel closer and more connected to your brand, positioning yourself as a market expert.


Work With SolidLine Media On Your Next Project

Are you looking to produce a video for your website and social media pages? Whether it is informational, instructional, or promotional, SolidLine Media can produce professional videos that are in alignment with your requirements. With our 9 stages of client approval, you are in complete control at each critical interval to provide feedback and insight.

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Best Practices For Filming Social And Web Videos

Below are some best practices to make use of when filming social and web videos:

Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

Keep your target audience in mind when deciding on the length of your video. If all of your videos are over 20 minutes long, you could easily put off viewers...

Include CTAs

Include CTAs at the end of your video. Do not assume viewers will follow through without clear direction.

Upload Your Videos Directly

Always upload your videos directly onto social media pages instead of as a link to your website.


No Hidden Costs

When you first come to us at SolidLine Media, we provide you with an all-inclusive price with no hidden costs. We also do not charge for travel expenses within the United States. We treat deadlines as sacred and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your video will be produced on time.

Want to boost your presence and increase brand awareness on popular social media sites? Contact our social and web video production crew for advice!


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