What Are Instructional

Instructional videos guide viewers on the correct or best ways to use a product or service. Depending on the offerings of your business, these videos can be anything from how to work out with an exercise ball to how to operate complex equipment.

When demonstrated visually, customers will see exactly how your product or service is meant to be used instead of relying on their own interpretations.


High-Quality Instructional Videos

An instructional video is not just a tutorial, but an experience. Viewers who are attracted to such videos are usually looking for information they are missing, making them likely to follow along with your instructions. By demonstrating what your product or service can achieve, customers do not have to imagine or interpret what your brand is trying to convey: they can see it for themselves with little room for ambiguity.

Target Audience

Identify and understand your target audience. Cater the key message and CTA to them.


Keep it fun and engaging. The tone of instructional videos should be friendly and conversational, not overly formal. Don’t forget to entertain.

Use On-Screen Text

Using on-screen text and graphics is a great way to reinforce any instructions being presented.


Work With SolidLine Media On Your Next Project

Are you launching a new product or service and wish to publish an instructional video? Or are there any FAQs you receive regularly about your product or service that you wish to address with a video? SolidLine Media can deliver a high-end video production completely to your satisfaction and in tune with your brand’s image. We can achieve this through our 9 stages of client approval, where your comments and feedback are required prior to moving onto the next stage.

The SolidLine Crew

Talented & Passionate

SolidLine Media’s full-time crew members are passionate about what they do and have worked with each other for years. We also do not charge our clients for travel expenses within the United States. Your deadlines are sacred to us, and your video will be delivered on-time and on-budget when you engage our instructional video production services.

Need to demonstrate how one of your products or services works? SolidLine Media’s instructional video production crew can help.


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