What are Hospitality Videos?

A successful hospitality establishment understands that it’s all about the experience. By extension, a hospitality video is not just the typical walk through of your establishment’s amenities. Visually rich, high-definition scenes arranged in the right sequence and filmed to the best effect can transport your viewer to their destination instantly.

Inspire your viewers and convey the ambience of your establishment through a professionally produced video that transcends time and space.


Hospitality Videos

In the age of digital marketing, customers expect to see what they are getting before making a purchase.

This is even truer if they are paying for an experience instead of a product, which is why it is important for hotels, event venues, and more to invest in hospitality videos. With no other way of experiencing your establishment aside from being there themselves, the next best thing you can offer is a professionally filmed video that captures your offerings in the best light.


Best Practices For Hospitality Videos

Below are some best practices to make use of when filming hospitality videos:

Have A Strong Introduction

Have a strong introduction. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and the introduction should draw your viewer in and provide a context for what is in...

Highlight the features

Highlight the features that make your establishment unique and communicate why customers should choose you.

Provide A Virtual Tour

Provide a virtual tour that focuses on immersive experience. For instance, if you run a hotel, showcase the beautiful natural scenery and nearby attractions.


Work With SolidLine Media On Your Next Project

When you come to us at SolidLine Media for hospitality video production, you can be assured of an end product that is completely in tune with your brand’s image. Our 9 stages of client approval ensure that you are satisfied with each stage of the video production process before the project progresses.

Want to market your restaurant, hotel or resort and attract more tourists? Our hospitality video production crew will make your business look great in front of your target audience.


Full-Time Video
Production Crew

At SolidLine Media, we employ a talented and passionate full-time video production crew During your initial consultation, we will provide an all-inclusive quote customized to your specific needs to ensure that there are no hidden surprises. In addition, we treat deadlines seriously, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your video will be produced and delivered in a timely manner.


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