What Are Documentary Videos?

Documentaries are based on truth and are created to share new pieces of information with an audience. While voice-over is the usual mode of narrating a documentary, interviews, re-enactments, and new or previously-filmed footage can form part of a documentary’s narration as well.

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How to Best Produce a Documentary

Documentaries often feature Subject-Matter Experts who share their viewpoints and may spark discussions, particularly if the subject matter is controversial or contentious. These types of productions are authentic and are a great way to get a variety of viewpoints on a particular subject.


High-Quality Documentary Videos

Documentary videos are typically filmed for the purpose of disseminating knowledge or convincing viewers to join a cause. Causes can range from the preservation of historical buildings to environmental conservation. A documentary series can consist of numerous episodes and span periods of years, particularly if it is in a subject area that is constantly evolving. Investing in quality documentary video production can help to present your information in a digestible yet engaging manner that resonates with your audience.

Research Your Subject

Research your subject matter thoroughly and determine your angle of producing the documentary video.

Deciding On An Angle

When deciding on an angle, think about what makes your documentary unique. What sets it apart.

Source Materials

Include a range of source materials, such as documents, artifacts, and interviews.

Invite Experts

Invite industry experts to take part to add credibility and engagement.


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