The Advertising Industry

The advertising industry in the United States is huge, with conservative estimates placing it a $57 billion in annual turnover. The industry is largely B2B, meaning that its key clients are typically other businesses with a product to sell or a message to deliver to their local and international customers. The industry also branches out from commercial entities and is heavily involved in political messaging. The advertising industry has been involved in political elections, lobbying for causes, and much more. At the heart of the industry is the need to connect and persuade audiences. With this in mind, the industry makes use of video productions for television, online platforms such as YouTube, and much more.


Why Invest In Advertising Video Production Services?

With the rise of online platforms, the advertising industry is using video productions to engage the public more than ever. Videos are more likely to be viewed and shared, and they have become more effective communication tools than any other medium. The use of visual cues such as color and the ability to incorporate audio and text make video productions versatile advertising tools. Due to the proliferation of social media, individuals can share videos with friends and relatives, which enhances the legitimacy of the ads. By producing punchy and shareable videos, the advertising industry ensures that they achieve the equivalent of ‘word of mouth’ effectiveness.

Video Production Guidelines

Just like any other communication channel, video producers must first understand their audiences. For example, YouTube offers audiences the option to skip ads after five seconds. This means that video producers must be able to grab the audiences’ attention in the first five seconds and make them continue watching the video.

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