An increasing number of businesses have taken the plunge and invested in videography as part of their online marketing strategy in recent years. It is important to note that consumers typically have short attention spans. If they are doing research to learn more about a product or service they might purchase, a quick and engaging video is more likely to generate results than a long page of text. In this guide, we discuss the various advantages of utilizing corporate videos as part of your marketing strategy.

Types of Corporate Videos

Today, the role of corporate videos is incredibly versatile, from informative and promotional to tutorial videos. Any type of content can be used to convey a message when producing a video. Below are common types of corporate videos that businesses produce:

  • Informative: These videos provide detailed information about a topic, such as your company’s mission and values. In addition, you can explore topics within the wider scope of your industry.
  • Promotional: Although promotional videos can incorporate an element of information, what sets them apart is the focus on a specific product or service. These videos usually end with a clear CTA (call-to-action) prompting the viewer to act or reach out for more information.
  • Instructional: Instructional videos typically teach viewers how to use a product or service. For instance, a business that sells outdoor camping equipment can produce a tutorial on how to assemble a tent, whereas a courier company can teach its consumers how to collect their parcels from lockers.
  • Testimonial: In testimonial videos, customers are invited to express the positive experiences they have had while using your product or service. Testimonial videos usually include b-roll footage that helps visually support the story being told.

What Corporate Videos Can Do

Now that you are acquainted with the common types of corporate videos, let’s take a look at the advantages they can have on your business.

  • Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty: Today’s consumers want quick and reliable answers. When you produce a video that addresses their concerns, you establish yourself as a subject-matter expert and increases trust in your brand.
  • Increase customer base: By meeting customers where they are, such as Instagram and YouTube, your videos can be found easier. You are also opening your brand up to a wider audience.
  • Increase conversion rate: Modern consumers prefer video over long pages of text.. While blog posts have their place in content marketing and SEO, providing quick videos that answer questions and engage your audience will go a long way.
  • Serve as a platform for explaining concepts about niche industries: A company that provides resources for investors may find it effective to publish a wall of jargon-rich text, but explainer videos are a much more engaging way to communicate with your viewers.

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