We understand that everyone has varying levels of comfort on camera, so we do everything we can to prepare our interview subjects so that they look confident, cool and professional on screen.

If you ever find yourself on the other side of a camera for an interview, here are some quick tips to make you shine…and if you shine, so does your message:

Dress for the camera. Solid, dark colors look great on camera, dense patterns typically don’t play well. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a splash of color, but solid whites, blacks and reds should be avoided. Oh, and that flashy jewelry is beautiful, but can create glares and reflections and be very distracting to your audience.

Everybody loves options. If possible, bring an extra outfit or two. That way if there is a problem or the video is supposed to take place over a few days, we have options.

Look the part. Simply dress for the job. If your work requires you to wear a uniform, wear it. We’d much rather film you in your element. It’s more authentic for us and more comfortable for you. As for hair and make up, however you wear it for a regular workday is just fine, unless we have a hair and make up artist on site for the production.

Repeat the question. We won’t be part of the video, so you have to repeat enough of the question in your answer so that the viewer understands what you are trying to say.

Think before you speak. It’s okay to pause and think of what ou want to say in response to a question. You know what you are talking about, just breathe and speak slowly, there is no need to be nervous. Take a moment to slow down and try to use language that the average viewer would understand; avoid jargon. Be natural, big words can work against you.

Give us a summary. If you said the right thing but it came out in the wrong way or a long, rambling way, just say it again. Details are great, but keep in mind that we may only need a few.

And, perhaps the most important tip of them all:

Fake it ’til you make it. Confidence is key, and whether or not that confidence is real doesn’t matter. Sometimes all it takes is a little false bravado to conjure up the real thing.

Download our “What to Expect: Interview Guidelines” PDF here:
What to Expect – SolidLine Interview Guidelines

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