In fact, 84% of businesses claim video content as a significant source of lead generation.
Catching up to the pack means identifying a video production service that meets your needs. SolidLine Media’s team has assembled a handy guide of questions you should ask potential vendors to ensure that they are capable of handling the video content your brand needs to deploy in order to remain competitive across multiple channels.   

Finding the

Right Production Company

With the growing importance of video content in the social media and marketing landscapes, the need to create high-quality and high-impact content is paramount. Unless you’ve already assembled the technology and skilled staff to create your own video content, you’re better off partnering with a video production company for all of your visual content needs. But how do you identify the right vendor out of the sea of available service providers? 

What Kind of Stories Do They Tell?

Video production companies service a wide range of clients across multiple industries. It’s important that the video production company you choose creates the types of videos you need to support your brand. SolidLine Media has experience producing powerful content across a wide range of content types, including promotional, explainer, recruitment, and other types of video.

Can They Prove The Quality of Their Work?

A video production company is only as good as its sizzle reels. Find out if your potential service provider has received any rewards for the work they’ve done for others, and ask to see their best work. 

What is Their Video Production Process? 

A professional video production service provider will have a well-established project management-oriented approach to their creative process. Knowing that there’s a solid approach in place backed up with high-level software and equipment provides reassurance to clients that the service provider can provide a high-quality final product. 

Roles in the Video Production Workflow

From these three inquiries, you should be able to determine what role you will play in the video production process. While the service provider will be handling the direction and shooting process, as well as follow-up edits and final cuts, you should seek out a service provider that includes you throughout the planning and production phases to ensure the content remains on message. In the post-production process, ensure the service provider has an established process in place for you to review early cuts, suggest changes, and sign off on the finalized deliverable. 

Contact The Best Video Production Company In Chicagoland

If you’re in the market for a video production company that can deliver award-winning video content, we have at least seven reasons why clients keep coming back to us. But don’t take their word for it, see SolidLine Media’s best work for yourself. Once you’ve seen what we’re capable of, we’re standing by to answer these and any other questions you might have.  

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