We’ve had dozens of interns through the doors at SolidLine Media. And while they come and go, sometimes rather quickly, we figured we’d try and share their experience with the world!

Enter the “Extern” Q&A! Logan Randolph and Broc Pachesa joined us from Southern Illinois University last week….

Q: What the heck is an “extern,” anyways?

BROC: An extern is the same thing as an internship, except it’s over spring break, not summer vacation, so it’s called an externship.

LOGAN: It’s basically a condensed version of an intern.  SIU has a internship program over several weeks in the summer and an externship over one week during spring break.

Q: Tell us one thing you’ve learned so far.

BROC: I’ve learned that being relaxed versus a stressed out environment is actually more productive and obviously more creative.

LOGAN: I’ve learned how to use Cinema 4D, the in-house animation program for SolidLine.

Q: Tell us one thing you’re hoping to learn before you leave.

BROC: I was hoping to learn more things in Final Cut Pro. However, SLM uses AVID ..

LOGAN: At the very least, I hope to learn some more about contacts within the industry.

Q: You can live in one city for the rest of your life, Carbondale or Chicago. Which one and why?

BROC: Carbondale. Chicago is a temporary place for me. There’s too much infrastructure to be able to function for a long period.

LOGAN: If I had to choose, I’d pick Chicago if only for its variety and size.

Q: What’s your dream job?

BROC: My dream job would be to work production for the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals or the upcoming Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues. Yes, I’m a huge sports fan (SLM NOTE: ….of the wrong teams *cough* Blackhawks *cough*).

LOGAN: My dream job would have something to do with 3D animation and modeling, either in film, television or gaming.

Q: So you’ve spent a few days in the SLM studio. Be honest – who has the messiest workspace?

BROC: Edward. First day we were supposed to clean up and we didn’t touch his desk because it was so messy.

LOGAN: Justin.

Hope you had a great Spring Break, boys! If you’re interested in an intern or externship at SolidLine Media, send us a message through our “Contact” page!

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