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SolidLine Media has a fully staffed Art Department made up of Motion Graphics Artists and 3d Animators. Whether you want to add graphic text to certain sections of your video or produce a fully animated video, SolidLine Media’s art team can handle your project from conception to completion. Our team will review your brand guidelines and pitch a style of graphics that matches the goals and message of your video while also keeping your target audience in mind. When you want fun, we’ll pitch fun. When you want corporate, we’ll pitch corporate (with the right amount of fun!). Motion graphics not only add spice and creativity to your video production efforts, but they also complement training and educational videos by reinforcing important points mentioned by the narrator. We can also create chapter graphics to split the content into easy-to-follow sections which helps viewers process information presented in training or educational videos. One of our favorite things to do as a production company is create custom 2d or 3d characters that align with your brand and help tell your company’s story. And if you want to keep the motion graphics simple, we’re always happy to simply animate your logo for the beginning and end of your video to reinforce your brand and tie everything together. SolidLine loves to help jazz up videos with the use of motion graphics and animation; just give us a call at 312-648-6600 or fill out a Free Video Consultation Form.