I’ve embarked on my quest with the committed videographers here at SolidLine to produce smart videos. From spending hours in the edit suite with John the Editor to embarking on overnight video shoots with the Executive Producer and Director of Photography, I’ve been in the thick of it here at SolidLine.

Having already worked on a great variety of shoots here, I’ll try to recap a few. In my first week, I had the honor of capturing video of Mayor Rahm Emanuel in respect to an unveiling of the DHL cargo facility, the largest in the world.
Through several healthcare related video productions I’ve inadvertently became an expert in the culture of the healthcare industry. Not just from my involvement in the shots done in the SLM studio, but with our flight to Baltimore where we interviewed numerous doctors and nurses about their experiences, shot on the dolly, and ate some delicious BBQ in midst of the great East coast “sNOwpocalypse” of 2015.
As I learned from these fine healthcare practitioners, the most distinguishing feature of any high-risk organization is their ability to perform under pressure. SolidLine and its members do a fine job of producing under deadlines, and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to observe their processes. The Art Department’s coordination to generate distinguishing graphics or the DOP’s ability to move on the fly, yet nevertheless capture the fine aesthetic of a gargantuan cargo facility.

Even with nothing on the calendar I manage to stay productive in the office by pursuing my own engagements. Whether that be familiarizing myself with the equipment in the studio or taking full advantage of the edit suite in producing of my own smart video. My most recent being a promo for an artist driven shirt design line for which the seasoned professionals delivered valuable feedback. I’m looking forward to bring full term my own future productions with the full support of SLM.

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