Video Content Captures

Potential Clients who Don’t Read Blogs

While blog content is one of the top content marketing avenues of engaging with clients and potential leads, video content has grown exponentially in the scope of its impact on consumer behaviors. As the massive Millennial demographic settles into its role as a driving force across the economy, 75% of them said they watched video on social media daily prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Having to balance working at home and family management in the midst of a health crisis, this number is likely even higher as people seek to connect with the products and people who were once part of their daily or weekly routines. By interjecting additional video marketing content into the inbound pipeline, you’re increasing your engagement in channels that might have otherwise been missed.

Video Content Shared on Social Media has an Exponential Impact

Words on the page don’t have the visceral impact of a face on the screen engaging you about a product or service that might help you solve a business problem. You can read about the benefits of a product all day long, but seeing a video of it doing the exact thing you need it to do will be an even more powerful sales tool. And sharing that video across social media channels will give clients something clever and engaging to share with their friends in order to build their own social proof with peers. As your story spreads, potential leads will grow.

Video Content Gives Your Sales Team a Story To Tell

You want to connect with clients on an emotional level. More effectively than a series of blogs, a series of interconnected marketing videos can provide an engaging and emotional narrative that allows your sales team to leverage emotional triggers with clients to influence client purchasing behaviors. Storytelling with video content can entertain and attract new business through word of mouth and social media engagement.

Give Your Sales Team the Visual Content Tools They Need

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken a toll on every business. As we expect our sales teams to still work hard to support our brands, we have to give them the necessary tools to fully engage with clients who are also dealing with the crisis at hand. From our video production agency in Chicago, SolidLine Media wants to continue to support our clients by guiding them through these difficult times. As we continue to support your video content needs, remember that the video content can be a powerful tool to leverage across all channels and bring your brand to the next level.

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