Hello, my name’s Travis Upshaw and I’m SolidLine Media’s fall 2014 intern. My girlfriend and I met in Omaha, Nebraska (our “hometown”) about 9 months before she ventured out to Chicago to attend Columbia College’s graduate film directing program. I couldn’t stand being that far away from her, so I sold my car and furniture, stuffed all of my belongings into a rented Dodge Caravan, and moved to the Windy City in late June of 2013. Also, living in a larger city allows me to learn more about video production and get actual hands-on training. This internship will be my “film school” of sorts. It’ll help me decide if I truly want to pursue a video/media career.

In Omaha, I was involved in various small video projects, however, they weren’t formally structured, or the types of productions that could lead to any career opportunities. At my full-time (plus tons of overtime) job, I worked (for almost 6 years) with individuals, who happened to have developmental disabilities, in their vocational and/or home setting(s). Helping them achieve independence was a very rewarding experience. Also, I was employed at a nonprofit movie theater on a part-time basis. The smell of popcorn will be forever engraved into my brain.

Onto the now:

Travis-2-e1410549306906I’m a week into my internship and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I take two online classes (through the University of Nebraska Omaha), so I often stay up late to finish homework. As a non-traditional student, I’m (finally) coming close to obtaining my (long overdue) bachelor’s degree. Needless to say, I’m often tired, but I’m slowly adjusting to my new schedule. In the past few days, I’ve learned how to operate the teleprompter, practiced how to properly wrangle cable/cords (very, very important!), sent out an “extras” casting call (for a shoot in a few weeks), and I’ve dabbled in Avid and AfterEffects. One of my goals is to be proficient in Avid… It’ll take time, but video editing is a strong career interest of mine… Well… I should get back to some tutorials. Thanks for reading!

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