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SolidLine Media 3D Reel

Our 3D Animation Reel Includes Clips From Some Video Projects

SolidLine Media enjoys creating unique and memorable 3D animation videos for a wide variety of businesses. If you want to produce a video with 3D animations, give us a call at 312-648-6600 or fill out our Free Video Consultation Form! We hope to start a discussion with you soon!

A video with

3D animations can easily capture your audience’s attention, engage them, and even encourage them to take an action.

With 3D graphics or animated characters, we can effectively narrate a story about your business or brand. When done successfully, your video will keep replaying in the viewers’ minds and leave a lasting impression of your brand behind. That’s not all. You can even add 3D animations into your workplace safety videos to make the content more interesting and fun to watch. Exciting 3D animations can remove the monotonous tone that most work-related videos tend to have.


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Regardless of the type of video your organization needs from our team, there’s a
perfect mix of live video and motion graphics that will meet your needs