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Our Video Production Process

Our multi-step corporate video production process has been tested and proven on over 1,000 video productions for clients of all sizes in dozens of industries. Our process works for any type of corporate video production you need, whether it’s a 90-second explainer video or a five-minute promotional business video:

Our process is our trusted road map. We follow it step by step, so we never lose our way, miss a deadline or go over-budget with your important corporate video production. It guides us through five steps of our pre-production stage, three steps of our production stage and the final three steps of post-production. Then, it’s a wrap!

I. Pre-Production

  1. A. Initial Kick-off Meeting with All Team Members
    1. 1. Discuss Production Process
    2. 2. Determine video goals and review Creative Brief
    3. 3. Set production milestones
  2. B. Production Concept Development and Research
    1. 1. SolidLine research of current client materials
    2. 2. Develop Style sheet (overall look and feel) and submit to team for approval
    3. 3. Create “game plan” for corporate video production
  3. C. Scriptwriting
    1. 1. Work closely with designated client team members to develop script based on goals
    2. 2. Submit script for review and approval by team
  4. D. Talent Acquisition
    1. 1. Audition on-screen talent and professional voice-over based on client preferences
  5. E. Production Planning and Shot List
    1. 1. Create shot list (specific shots for video) based on approved script
    2. 2. Plan on-location filming with team

II. Production

  • A. On-Location High-Definition Filming
  • B. Professional Narration Recording
  • C. Initial Graphic Design Started

III. Post-Production

  • A. AVID High Definition Editing
  • B. Motion Graphic and/or 3D Animation Development
    • 1. Style board approval by client
    • 2. Motion Graphic approval by client
  • C. Rough-Cut (RC), Final-Cut (FC), and Picture-Lock (PL) Versions
    • 1. Corporate video production will be presented to client team in these three versions, with changes made after Rough-Cut and Final-Cut stages
    • 2. Picture-Lock approval of production (completion)
    • 3. All final media delivered to client.

Free Video Consultation

If you are planning an important corporate video production for your company, please call 312-648-6600 today or contact us online for a free, no-obligation video consultation with a SolidLine Media producer. We’ll talk about your project, brainstorm ideas and develop a production quote for you. We look forward to the conversation.