However, it’s not as simple as simply shooting a video and ending it with a Call To Action. There are many nuances to optimizing the success rate of your videos. One of these is making sure you are using your CTAs correctly. SolidLine Media, a Chicago video production agency, shares the following tips when it comes to optimizing your CTAs for success.

Place Your CTAs Strategically

In all things in life, timing matters. The same is true for where to place your CTAs. You don’t want to place your CTA before your lead is ready to take action. Nor do you want to wait until it’s too late. Of course, every placement has its pros and cons. CTAs at the beginning of the video ensures that everybody will see them. Placing CTAs at the end assumes that customer interest is at its highest. There’s a sweet spot in your video commercial where your lead is sufficiently informed and primed to take action. This might take some testing, but once you figure out where to place your CTA for optimal results, you’ll see significant improvement in your conversion rates.

Incentivize Your Viewers

boostyoursalesCall to Actions should have a clear benefit to them. Don’t just ask your viewers to “Sign Up Today!” Instead, try to incentivize them into taking action. For example, you could offer a special deal, or maybe a discounted rate. “Sign Up Today and get a free e-book!” sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? In this way, your potential customer is more motivated to take action. You want them to feel that you are adding value to their lives. That’s the only way your CTA will succeed.

Make It Easy

This should be common sense. You’ve already done the hard work by selling the lead on your product or service. They’re ready to buy whatever it is you’re selling, so make it as easy as possible for them to do just that. This could be as simple as placing your CTA where it’s easy to see, or keeping it as straightforward as you can make it. CTAs are best when simple and easily actionable. The more complicated they are, the more you risk potential customers abandoning the process mid-way.

Be Excited About Your CTAs

Blog-1Remember, CTAs are all about selling something. Maybe it’s to get somebody to leave his or her email with you. Or perhaps you want them to buy your new, life-changing e-book. Maybe you’ve got a service that you just know is the answer to all their problems. Whatever the case may be, you’re selling something. And when you’re selling anything, you want people to associate a positive feeling with your product. This means mentioning your CTA in an excited, upbeat manner, with a great big smile.

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