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Greg Vass, Executive Producer
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This month the SolidLine Media crew headed to O’Hare airport, but for the first time in history it wasn’t for travel purposes. They were there to create a movement safety video for the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) and Transportation Research Board (TRB). It was a massive undertaking that included cooperation from the City of Chicago, O’Hare Operations, American and United Airlines, Chicago Fire Department, and the FAA. But it paid off big time — the access that SolidLine had to the airfield was something never imagined.

SLM Producer Kevin Wright describes the week-long film shot as “A once in a lifetime opportunity” as the crew filmed inside O’Hare’s Air Traffic Control tower, on multiple runways and taxiways, inside the cockpit of a taxiing Boeing 777 aircraft, and on the ramp. The crew also experienced a first for SLM by using a Process Trailer, something usually reserved for major feature films and big budget commercials. Wright states, “It allowed the actors the freedom to concentrate on script and ensure the driving scenes were accurate and safe as aircraft were maneuvering all around the film set.”

After five days on the tarmac, the crew came out with some amazing footage and a ton of cool memories.

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