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Greg Vass, Executive Producer
SolidLine Media
SolidLine Media is grabbing headlines again! Recently, we partnered with Social Progress Imperative to produce a fully-animated video about the index they created which measures the success of countries around the world. Some of the factors considered when determining a country’s Social Progress Index ranking include access to clean water, personal rights, and health and wellness. The video we produced has been linked in an article on the New York Times’ blog and gives a primer on the Social Progress Index and what it means to people around the world.

“It has been a very exciting and rewarding project,” says Art Director Mike Petrik. “We created a fun and vibrant video with full character animation that shows why the Social Progress Index is so important.”  SolidLine Media loves working on these types of projects that allow us to showcase our talents. The video has only been live for a few days and has already reached over 10,000 views. Check it out here!

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