Thankfully he was kind enough to grant us a brief audience to answer a few questions about who he is, what he does, and why all of that is important.

SolidLine Media: How would you describe your job as Director of Post Production?

Michael Kromm:  When post production needs to happen, I direct it.

SLM: What is your favorite part of your responsibilities?

MK: Seeing the final edit go out the door. I really enjoy seeing the story coming together. There is so much collaboration that needs to happen with all of our products: from the first pitch meeting with the producers to delivering final files to the client, it’s like conducting an orchestra and I’m the Post Production Maestro (and the janitor).

SLM: What is it about a career in post production that called for you?

MK: I started editing films on Avid in Film School at Florida State University in 1997. I seemed to really enjoy spending time in edit suites. I remember leaving the edit sessions after 10-12 hours and thinking I had only been there an hour or two. I thought to myself, “I could do this for a living and not have to work a day of my life.”

SLM: You co-founded SolidLine with Greg Vass, can you talk a little bit about that journey?

MK: Right out of film school I worked in the film industry in Chicago and did not enjoy the positions I was being hired for. The professional path I was headed for was not what I wanted. Greg and I always had a dream of starting a production company, so we gathered all of our scratch and took the plunge. We started SolidLine Media in 2001.

SLM: Any tips or tricks of the trade that you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

MK: Find an older mentor in the field–someone with 20+ years of experience. People love to help others; think of the contacts they could help you make. Like many industries it’s about who you know. Listen to those older mentors and learn from their successes and mistakes, it will serve you well.

SLM: What do you like most about the work you’re doing now?

MK: I like the team we have at SolidLine and the daily collaboration that goes with it.

SLM: Obviously, SolidLine is all about producing quality, smart videos. What was the last great movie you saw?

MK: Moneyball. I’m a sucker for a good sports movie.

SLM: Now, let’s talk about that Sriracha addiction…

MK: It’s not really an addiction as much as it’s a way of life.

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