SolidLine Media: How would you describe your job as a producer here?

Kevin Wright: I take what a client may have as an idea, and turn it into a finished product. There are a lot of people who help me along the way. I’m the person who guides the project along. When there’s an idea, I can say to the client  – “Let’s create this and have fun with it.”

SLM: When did you know that you had a thing for media production?

KW: Originally I was into film, and I was interested in all aspects of the field. I’m a “big picture” guy, and that helps me see all of the different pieces of a production. I share this ability with my mother. She can walk into a white room and envision this gorgeous, decorated space. My mind works the same way.

SLM: We know you grew up in Dundee, Illinois, but you spent five years in Los Angeles. What were you doing out there?

KW: My wife and I were working in the film industry, and we really loved it. We worked on a few films and TV shows – at one point my wife was working on “Spider-Man” flipping cars. It was a pretty cool time, but we just couldn’t keep up on the money we were making. We decided to come back to Chicago, and while I do miss working in the film business sometimes, I’m really happy here.

SLM: What do you like most about the work you’re doing for us now?

KW: I really enjoy all of the friendships I’ve made with clients here. It’s really great to see the friendships Greg and Michael have made over the years. I’m looking forward to maintaining and growing all of those friendships, and getting to know more about all of the people I work for and with.

To find out how producer Kevin Wright and the SolidLine Media team can help your company with a state-of-the-art high definition video production, CONTACT US here. Happy Anniversary, Kevin!

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