“Once I started putting stuff out there, I made a deal with the audience,” Avella told us. “It made me accountable. I kept thinking, ‘Oh my God, people gave me money. How depressing would that be if I had to send it back?”

There were a few other downsides to shooting a movie over such a long period of time.

“People getting haircuts was kind of a problem,” Joe said about some continuity issues. “But there were times we just had to take breaks. Our cast had major shows they were starring in around town. Can I expect them to take time off of their off-Broadway shows to shoot my little movie?”

Lucky for him, the cast believed in his project and took the time to get the movie done. And perhaps the best part of “Master of Inventions,” Joe finished the film debt free. He had the help of numerous friends and colleagues, including Ed Boe of SolidLine Media. SLM also opened the doors of our new studio space and supplied equipment to help him finish the job.

Joe says he got through the movie by specifically writing to his budget, which was next to nothing. But he now has a full length feature to show future investors what he’s capable of.

“I said, ‘What if I make a movie like I make short films?” He told us. “Then I can use it as leverage to make a better one next time. I can put it online to share it with the world, because I have no debt. Now I can go to investors and say, ‘Look what I did with NO money, imagine what I can do with $40,000?'”

Check out the first five minutes of “Master of Inventions”…..

If you like what you see, you can watch the entire feature, free of charge, on the film’s website – it’s MasterOfInventions.com. And you can find Joe’s personal site at JoeAvella.com.

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