Well, even though my bracket is getting hosed, it was still an awesome weekend of basketball. The Shockers shocked, the Badgers badged, and Tom Izzo did that annoying thing he does where he wins in March. With 16 teams remaining in the tournament, let’s take a look at how the brackets in our pool are standing up.
Adam “Anyone Wanna Watch Chef The Movie?” Marzec and Mike “Gonzaga, Gorgonzola, Same Thing” Petrik are both sitting pretty with 168 and 164 possible points, respectively. Not far behind them is Ed “I Hate Christian Laettner” Boe with 154.
Yeah, you read that right. A guy who doesn’t follow college hoops is winning, and two guys who don’t know a basketball from Bob Huggins have separated themselves from the pack. Oh but don’t worry, motion graphic artist Chris “Is This Nickname In Quotes Gag Getting Old Yet? No?” Roman is hot on their heels.
If the next few weekends are anything like the first two rounds, we’re in for an exciting finish. It’s still early, and there’s plenty of time for one of those Rain Men Of Basketball to slip up and someone to overtake them. It just probably won’t be me.

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