Greetings, dear readers!  I am sure that you’ve all been anxiously anticipating the arrival of my account of actions with alliteration.  Okay, I’m done with that.  But I’m glad you came back for my third exciting post!  This third week of interning was a bit slower-paced than the previous two, partially because Mike and Greg went to LA for a location scout (Interns can be helpful on location scouts too, just saying….:D), while the rest of the crew stayed back to take care of the office work.  In lieu of this we threw massive parties, ruined a few carpets, overthrew a dictator and pretend lightsaber-dueled with flashlights.  None of that really happened, but a ton of video post-production sure did!

As I’d already had experience from last week’s transcribing, I was given two more interviews to transcribe: an hour long interview, and an hour and a half long interview.  Thanks guys.  I began working on the hour long interview, but tried to find breaks whenever I could.

A fascinating thing, transcribing verbatim is.  It’s immensely helpful and worthwhile to do, for a project such as this, and is not at all difficult to do.  In fact, there were times while transcribing a person for hour after hour that I began to talk back to the person.  This week I was transcribing a doctor, and I grew accustomed to his speech mannerisms.  Lots of “You know”, and “I mean”, and I found myself anticipating how he would end his sentences.  I also grew accustomed to the way he would, at times, string four or five words together very quickly.  At one point it took me about ten minutes to realize that “sencetepatience” was really “sense to patients”.  In light of the obvious level of frustration that would come with tedium like this, I found myself suddenly interested in speech patterns.  I think if I ever wanted to develop a solid celebrity impersonation I would just transcribe a couple of hours of that celebrity.  And then cry.

Slightly outside of the internship but still related to the production industry, I attended a “Women in Film” networking event on Thursday night with a friend from school.  Being of a shy nature (and working on overcoming that) has always been a fact of my personality, so networking events tend to intimidate me.  In spite of this, I always enjoy them and am glad that I went afterwards.

I had a great time meeting industry professionals at this event, and made contacts that I hope to keep in touch with.  I also saw a few people I recognized from the SolidLine shoots I’ve been on so far, so it was fun to see them again.  It was also nice (and I’ve noticed this more recently since I began working for SolidLine) to be around so many people with related interests to my own again.

While this week was a bit lighter of a load than the past two weeks, I think it was another successful week and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the upcoming few months.  The schedule can be grueling around here, but these guys work hard and it seems to really pay off as they have so many awesome client relationships I am noticing.

Last week I posted an image of me standing in front of a greenscreen and challenged you: my dear, faithful, readers, to greenscreen me into different locals and, I received two grand submissions, and here they are:

This first image places me in front of another greenscreen.   Bold move.  I think it needs more puppets and chroma-pants.

This second image removes me, rather than the green.


Glad that my challenge was accepted and taken with the seriousness of a clown car.  Next week brings more shooting, a supposed blizzard, and hopefully a clown car.  Until next time, my loyal fans, my adoring public, my loving masses, all seven of you, my name is Sam the SolidLine Winter Production Intern and you just read my blog.


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