With a big two week driving trip to Arizona and California hanging over my head just a week away, I went out to Rockford to learn to drive the truck from the master – Greg Vass, Executive Producer for SolidLine Media. We walked and talked about the truck for a few minutes and I watched Greg drive for a while, but then it was time to step up and show the world what I was made of. I walked up the two steps it takes to get into the drivers seat, turned off the parking break, and off I went into the world.

Things went well at first, I drove around the neighborhood learning how wide to take turns, when to merge, and basically just getting a feel for driving something that could crush my car without even noticing. Everything was going swimmingly until Greg set up some cones on the street in front of his house and told me to do an alley dock. I had to turn backwards into the cones without knocking any over. It was challenging but I overcame my fear and I did it! (it only took me 32 tries to get it right…). After that the rest of the day was easy (because the day was over).

Long story short the next morning I went to the DMV, passed my drivers test, and I am writing this on the truck after finishing up a four hour driving shiftt where no one got hurt and, more importantly, no damage was done to the truck.

Check out the video Intern Sam made about me leaving to drive:

SolidLine Truckers: Production Coordinator Dave Rokos Learns to Drive from SolidLine Media on Vimeo.

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